Enerparc commissions rooftop solar project

Enerparc commissions rooftop solar project
Enerparc India, a subsidiary of global solar solution provider Enerparc AG has commisioned 980 KW solar project at Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The rooftop solar project at BFW will generate approx. 15 lacs of units annually thus reducing its dependency on fossil fuels. Enerparc India had also Installed World’s 1st Solar Power Plant on Ship to Shore cranes in Mumbai.

Meghalayan Age: Latest Era in Earth’s History

Meghalayan Age: Latest Era in Earth’s History
The last 4,200 yrs have been classified by geologists as a new distinct age in Earth’s history, called the “Meghalayan Age,” named after the northeastern Indian state. The International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) has made it a part of Holocene Era. The Meghalayan goes back 4,200 yrs when a drought severely impacted civilizations in Egypt, Greece, the Indus Valley, Yangtze River Valley.

Google announces Android Dev Summit

Google announces Android Dev Summit
The Android Dev Summit is being organized at the Computer History Museum, Moutain View, California on 7 – 8 Nov 2018. The last one was in 2015, and it also happened at the Computer History Museum. Android Developer Days, or ADD, is an open conference held at various locations worldwide each year.

Karnataka to set up five tech innovation hubs

18 : Karnataka’s first ‘K-Tech Innovation Hub’ was inaugurated in Belagavi by K J George, Karnataka Minister for IT/BT & ST. The K-Tech Innovation Hub backed by providing space and infrastructure, prototyping facilities and a world-class innovation network. The K-Tech Innovation hub leverages the globally connected ecosystem & brings infrastructure similar to the MIT Fab Lab to Belagavi.

Govt to deliver 11 Crore Ayushman Cards

The government will be printing and delivering 11 crore Ayushman Bharat ‘family cards’ by organizing public contact programme called ‘Ayushman Pakhwaras’. The CEO of Ayushman Bharat- National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM) is Indu Bhushan. The scheme was announced by Union Minister Arun Jaitley in his budget 2018 and is expected to be the world’s largest health coverage scheme.

Forbes highest paid entertainers’ list

Floyd Mayweather with earnings of 285 million dollars topped the Forbes list of world’s 100 highest-paid entertainers. Forbes said the world’s 100 top-earning entertainers pulled in a combined $6.3 billion pretax over the past 12 months. Akshay is ranked 76th on the Forbes list of the World’s Highest Paid Celebrities 2018 while Salman is on the 82nd spot.

India to be VC of WCO’s Asia Pacific region

India has become the Vice-Chair of the Asia Pacific Region of World Customs Organisation (WCO) for a period of two years, from July 2018 to June 2020. A ceremony will be organized in New Delhi on 16 June. The Theme of the Inaugural Ceremony is “Customs – Fostering Trade Facilitation”. WCO represents 182 Customs administrations across the globe that process approx 98% of world trade.

India inaugurates its largest visa centre

India has inaugurated its largest visa centre in the world in Dhaka to reduce the waiting time for applicants. Bangladeshis constitute one of the largest number of visitors from a single country to India. Last year, India issued 1.4 million visas to Bangladeshi nationals. India has 12 visa centres in Bangladesh, which is the highest number the former has in any country in the world.

South Africa launches powerful new telescope

South Africa has unveiled the 64-dish MeerKAT radio telescope, slated to be the world’s largest and most powerful telescope on its completion in 2030. Built for $330 million, MeerKAT will be integrated into an array of 3,000 dishes. The telescope is being built by an international consortium, including Australia, Britain, Canada, China, India, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden and the Netherlands.

World’s cheapest clean drinking water

With the launch of the cost-effective innovative water project, Bihar will soon provide the cheapest drinking water in the world. The first of such project was launched in Bihar’s Darbhanga district, by Sulabh International. With the help of this project, people will be able to get clean water in 50paisa/litre. The project converts contaminated pond & river water into safe drinking water.