12,000-yr-old rock painting found in China

Archaeologists have confirmed that a rock painting discovered in the Lesser Khingan Mountains in China’s Heilongjiang province dates back 12,000 years. Several images painted with ochre were discovered on a rock in the city of Heihe. Preliminary studies showed that it was a scene of humans hunting, reports Xinhua news agency.

Copper-Bronze age chariots discovered

The “first ever” physical evidence of chariots dating from 2000 BC – 1800 BC have been found by the Archeological Survey of India. It was found during a trial excavation in Sanauli village near Baghpat. Decorated with copper motifs, the findings of the Copper-Bronze age have opened up further research opportunities into the area’s civilisation and culture.

4,400-year-old tomb discovered in Egypt

The tomb of ancient priestess Hetpet has been uncovered by archaeologists near Cairo, Egypt.The tomb, which dates back 4,400 years, is covered in paintings showing Hetpet hunting and receiving gifts from her children.Notably, Hetpet served Hathor, the goddess of fertility who assisted women in childbirth.

Archaeologists Uncover 7000-yr Old City

In Egypt, archaeologists have unearthed a city dating back more than 7,000 years, containing houses, tools, pottery and huge graves. The discovery was made by an archaeological mission of Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry. The city lies by River Nile, close to the Temple of Seti the First in Abydos. Abydos is a place of many temples, and a capital in an early period of ancient Egyptian history.

Archaeologists unearth ruins in China

Archaeologists have unearthed 1000-year-old ancient building ruins believed to be dating back to the Jin and Yuan dynasties in China’s northern Hebei province. The ruins of an ancient hearth, fire pits and wall footings are discovered. Staff working at the site have also unearthed a 6-meter-wide main road, flanked on both sides by the ruins of buildings.