Caring for persons with dementia

The govt. should be prepared to tackle dementia in the coming years by creating a band of trained professional caregivers, and roping in the support of doctors practising Indian system of medicine, said E.S. Krishnamoorthy, Director of the Institute of Neurological Sciences, India. Dr. Krishnamoorthy is one of four global advisors who have assisted the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Alzheimans Disease International in preparing a report,Dementia-A Public Health Priority`, which was released on April 11. The report states that in 2010, there were 35.6 million people in the world with dementia. By 2030, that number will double and by 2050 it will triple. One in eight persons over the age of 65, and one in 2.5 persons over the age of 85, is at risk for dementia. However, only eight of the 194 WHO member countries have a natural dementia plan in place.

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