January, 2011

Collectors present Chief Minister`s medal

Hoisting of tri-colour followed by Police March past and cultural programmes by school children formed part of the Republic Day celebrations held at the District Collectorate, Kancheepuram. Collector, Hanish Chabra unfurled the national flag. He presented the Chief Ministers medal to 31 policemen and honoured freedom fighters. Colourful cultural programmes were presented by students of 8 different educational institutions in the districts. Tiruvallur Collector, Ashish Chatterjee hoisted the tri-colour and presented the Chief Ministers medal to 25 policemen.

Maruti’s domestic sales up

Maruti Suzuki has achieved net sales of ` 92,767 million during the third quarter of 2010-11, a growth of 26.5 per cent over the same period last year. (Oct-Dec. 2009). The net sales in second quarter (July-Sept 2010) was ` 89,371 millions. Net profit during the third quarter of this fiscal stood at a ` 5,652 million. In Q3 last fiscal (2009-10), the not profit was ` 6,875 million. Net profit in second quarter of the current fiscal (July-Sept. 2010) was ` 5,982 million.

Karnataka drawing water from Mettur Dam’s area

Call it tit-for tot of any thing, Karnataka is laying another pipeline silently to carry out a plan to draw water from the Mettur Dam’s water spread area. The neighbouring state is in the conclusion stage of laying the pipeline from Ponkan Gundu. Hardly 20 km in the backyard of the Mettur Dam, the public works department officials here got a whiff of the matter only on Jan. 29 and went on a fact finding mission to Ponkan Gundu.

Artificial Petrol

British scientists say that they have developed a low-cost and environment-friendly “artificial petrol” which may cost around Rs.14 a litre and could be available in as early as three years. With hydrogen at its heat rather than carbon, the new fuel will not produce any harmful emissions when burnt.

ADB announces

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) announces in its headquarters in Manila, Philippines that it will extend an aid of $7.4 billion to India for developing its infrastructure for a three-year period.

Port Project in Odisa

31 : The Ministry of Environment and Forests grants conditional clearance to Posco’s $12-billion steel mill-cum-captive port project in Odisa; while doing so, the Ministry lays down 60 more conditions on the project.

‘Indian Cops may soon use light utility aircraft’

India will see a market for non-conventional use of multi-purpose light utility aircraft and helicopters opening up in the coming years, according to Ashok Nayak, Chairman Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd., Bangalore. Nayak said apart from the defence, coast Guards and the BSF, many civil departments involved in non-security related work would also start to use Aircraft and helicopters for highway patrol, survivillance, search and rescue, and observation and communication. Pointing out that the New York Police use light utility aircraft, he said apart from the 10 ready for deployment, the HAL was making 40  more. HAL is currently manufacturing and exporting nearly 200 Dhruv advanced light helicopters a year.

Eight women scientists honoured awards

The much-awaited Chennai Science Festival was inaugurated by K. Ganesan, Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department. During the event, eight women scientists and students from 17 state schools received awards for their innovative scientific models. The fourth edition of the science festival saw the participation of 120 institutions and a display of live birds and animals.

2011 annual meeting of WEF

The 2011 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), known also as the Davos Summit, concludes in Davos, Switzerland; at the summit, the world leaders discuss many important topics, including the economic recovery  and a possible food crisis.

South Sudan separate nation

The results of the referendum on South Sudan’s secession from the parent state are announced; in the vote, South Sudan overwhelmingly endorses its demand for a separate nation, with over 99 percent inhabitants of the region voting in favour of secession