Tiger cubs are the latest on the ramp

Three white tiger cubs and two Bengal tiger cubs are now the cynosure of all eyes at Vandalur zoo. The four-month-old cubs has been kept away  from the gaze of visitors as they were not ready to be released into the open area, said zoo authorities. The cubs had begun walking up and down the ramp, coming out of the water trough inside the enclosure and climbing the ramp through the sides. Soon after the cubs were born in March, the authorities fixed closed – circuit television cameras to monitor their growth. Visitors were able to watch the cubs on a televison screen. This arrangement was a hit with visitors of all ages. The cubs would be allowed to mingle with their father, as the male could attack the cubs, resulting in their death. The male tigers will be let out for public viewing only after the cubs and the mother are moved to the enclosure.

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