India gives NRs 180 million for river training

India has provided the largest sum of Rs 180.74 mn Nepali rupees for river training in Nepal to control floods that also affect India during the monsoon season. India has so far given 13 instalments since 2008 to Nepal for river training works totalling to over NRs 4.68 bn. River training & construction will carry on near the Indian border in 3 rivers – Lalbakeya, Bagmati & Kamla.

US launched WTO challenge against China

US has launched a challenge at World Trade Organization against China over intellectual property breaches. US is taking action at WTO to address China‘s unfair technology practices that run counter to WTO rules. This comes just as the US prepares to impose tariffs of 25% on imported steel & 10% on aluminum – sanctions that are meant to hit China for flooding world with cheap steel & aluminum

NASA launches Earth-observing satellite

It is on a mission to track the amount of water locked in soil, which may help residents in low-lying regions brace for floods or farmers get ready for drought conditions. A Delta 2 rocket carrying Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite was launched early Saturday from Vandenberg Air Force Base on California’s central coast.

1000 crore assistance in addition

After an aerial survey of the flood affected regions, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi declares the Jammu and Kashmir floods a ‘national diseaster’ and announces ` 1,000-crore assistance in addition to ` 1,100 crore already made.