Now, a leather embossing machine using jack

P. Muralidhar, 48, a Tirupur-based designer and entrepreneur who has already potented innovations such as an electromagnetic conveyor table for the garment industry, a portable compost bin and a helmet fitted with a cooling fan, has now come out with a leather embossing equipment. The latest equipment is meant to emboss brand names on leather labels used in the apparel industry, especially on trousers, jeans and short sleeves. He said a hydroulic motor system was used to emboss brand names on the labels after making the impressions of the designs on brass plates. “The jack and its lever are the main components, with the lever being used to lift and press the image on the leather with the requisite pressure using a ‘presser’ mounted on the jack”, he said. According to him, the machine is designed to produce 10,000 labels in almost 10 hours.

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