New Council has several promises to keep

From building contractors and realtors to businessmen and full-time politicians the newly-elected corporation council comprises members with diverse backgrounds, offering a lot of promise. The council has at least 16 graduates including a former college lecturer, a 28-year-old MBA and a 38 year old MA in political science. There are also a few councillors who are still in college, including a 23 years-old pursuing a Master’s degree  in economics. Residents, pinning their hopes on these councillors are eager to see them in action, bringing about a difference. “We  wanted a change. Our municipolity was not able to deliver the goods. Sea erosion is a major issue in our area. Something needs  to be done about that. Roads have to be laid, streetlights don’t burn and underground drainage is a necessity as untreated sewage is being let out into the sea”, says T. Joseph, a resident of Nettukuppam in Ward 1. Kudankulam plant has an in-built safety machanism, say experts
The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant has built into its design a multi-layered safety mechanism along with additional protocols to safeguard against systemic or humen error at the 2000-MW station, nuclear experts said. The incorporation of broad-ranging safety features makes the plant completely safe and insulated from a set worst-case radiation risk scenarios, including a Chernobyl – type clamity or a Fukushima – like disaster set off by a tsunami, scientists told an interactive public meeting hosted by the Chemical Industries Association to explain the safety aspects of the KKNPP.

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