Large Hadran Collider finds new variant of particle

The Large Hadran Collider (LHC), famously engaged in the quest for the Higgs in boson has turned up a heavier variant of a subatomic particle first discovered a quarter-century ago, scientists reported. The newcomer is called Chi-b(3p), which was uncovered in the debris from colliding protons, according to research published in the open …. access online journal arxiv. Like the elusive Higgs and the photon, it is boson, meaning  it is a particle that carries force. But while the Higgs is not believed to be made of smaller particles, the Chi-b(3) comprises two relatively heavy particles, the beauty quark and its outs quark. They are landed by the so called “strong” force which also causes the atomic nucleus to stick together. A massive collaborative effort that brings in physicists fort that brings in physicist from around the world, the LHC has cost more than 6.03 billion Swiss Francs.

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