French as a subject may be discontinued

It is going to be the last few years of French being offered as a second language in schools affiliated to the State govt. Under the Tamil Nadu Learning Act 2006, Tamil was made compulsory for student of Class I from the academic year 2006-07. The law made Tamil Compulsory as the first language and study of any other language by students, who had neither Tamil nor English as their mother tongue optional. The first batch of students for which the rule came into effect is now in Class VI. A govt. number of Matriculation and Anglo-Indian schools that offer a choice of languages, from Class VIII onwards, will have to rethink whether to continue offering a choice of third languages – French, Hindi, Sanskrit – as an optional subject or discontinue it as there would be no public examination in the subject. The school offers French in Classes VIII, IX and X, but will have a shortly offer it as a third language “French is also easy to score, so there are many takers”, said Ms. Pillay, adding that 30-40 students in a batch of 90 currently opt for the foreign language.

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