November, 2016

IAAF Launches Online Portal

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has launched an online portal for anonymous reporting on the abuse, encouragement & promotion of performance enhancing drugs. The launched online portal, Report Doping is the latest weapon in its fight against cheating in sport. All submitted information would be transmitted via secure networks & on completely anonymous basis.

78 Schemes Cover Under DBT System

As many as 78 schemes including Jhan Dhan Yojna & MGNREGA being implemented by 17 ministries are covered under Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system. Minister of State for Food CR Chaudhary said, DBT for foodgrains is being implemented as per the cash transfer of food subsidy rules 2015. At present, cash transfer of food subsidy is being implemented in Chandigarh & Puducherry since Sept 2015.

Daughter Wins Golden Peacock Award

Iranian film Daughter won the coveted Golden Peacock prize at the 47th International Film Festival of India. The best director award was won by Soner Caner and Baris Kaya — co-directors of the Turkish film Rauf. The ICFT-Unesco Gandhi medal, created at this IFFI was awarded to the Turkish film Cold of Kalandar. The special jury award was won by South Korean director lee Joon-ik.

PM Launch Indian Police at Your Call App

PM Modi recently had launched the ‘Indian Police at Your Call’ mobile app at a national police conference held in Hyderabad. It was organised by the Intelligence Bureau (IB). The app is a GIS Map based interface for the citizens to locate police stations near to their current location so that they can easily reach the police station in case of emergency. The app was developed by NIC.

Singapore Tops Global Education Rankings

Singapore has the highest-achieving primary & secondary pupils in international education tests in Maths & Science. Primary school pupils in Northern Ireland were ranked sixth at Maths,the highest of any in Europe. The top places in these rankings are dominated by East Asian countries. These international rankings,Trends in International Mathematics & Science Study,are published every 4yrs.

Haiti Election Won by Jovenel Moise

Jovenel Moise, the candidate backed by former president Michel Martelly,won the presidential vote in the first round. Provisional Electoral Council chief said Moise is leading against Jude Celestin, candidate of the opposition. Lapeh, scoring 55.67% against 19.52%. The election was held on 20 Nov. more than a year after the previous poll was annulled following allegations of widespread fraud.

Texas Reports First Zika Case

Health officials in the US state of Texas said that they have recorded the first case of the Zika virus transmitted by a local mosquito. Up until now, all Zika cases in Texas have been contracted while travelling. The virus has been linked to microcephaly, a rare birth defect. Florida is the only other US state to have reported locally caught cases of Zika.

Thai Cabinet Acknowledges Appointment

Thailand’s Cabinet acknowledged the appointment of a new king. The death of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Oct 13 plunged the Southeast Asian nation into mourning. Following the king’s death, PM Prayuth Chan-ocha signalled Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn’s widely expected ascension. The cabinet,will ask the president of parliament to invite the crown prince to become king.

Nepal Tables Constitution Amendment Bill

Nepal Constitution Amendment Bill has been tabled in Parliament to address the grievances of agitating Madhesi parties & other ethnic groups. The bill presented ,seeks to end a year-long political crisis in the country. The Bill proposes to amend provisions related to redrawing provincial boundaries, recognition of various languages, citizenship & representation in the National Assembly.

Mars Probe Returns First Pictures

Europe’s and Russia’s new satellite at Mars has sent back its first images of the planet. The Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) arrived on 19 October, putting itself in a highly elliptical parking orbit. TGO passed over a region called Hebes Chasma at its closest approach, just 250km from the Martian terrain. TGO sensors NOMAD and ACS also came through their early tests successfully.