June, 2016

Railways targets 30 pc more share of freight to earn Rs. 500 crore more

In a game plan to tap the large automobile making base in and around Chennai, the Southern Railways has set a target of adding 30% share of rail freight in the auto sector by 2025, thereby boosting its earnings by Rs. 500 crore. Presently it’s share in transporting these to various hinterland markets is 2.8% that earned nearly Rs. 35 crore in FY 2015-2016.

Draft Development completed, Chennai Port the deepest in India

Chennai port is now the deepest port among the 12 major ports in India and can now handle large shipes, according to the Chennai Port chairman, Cyril George. Addressing a press conference here, George said that the port now has a draft of 15.5 metres and can cater to vessels with a tonnage of 8,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units). “Earlier, the port could handle vessels with only 6,000 TEUs” explained the port chairman.

Airbus displays the world’s first 3D printed aircraft test

Airbus displays the world’s first 3D-printed aircraft Test of High-tech Objectives in Reality (THOR) at the International Aerospace Exhibition in Schoenefe.

Rahul Johri first-ever CEO of BCCI

Mr. Rahul Johri assumes charge as the first-ever Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in Mumbai.

World’s longest and deepest rail tunnel

World’s longest and deepest rail tunnel – Gotthard base tunnel (57 km) – is officially opened in Switzerland after almost two decades of construction work.

First-ever national plan for disaster

PM Mr. Narendra Modi unveils first-ever national plan for disaster management, which encompasses a blueprint for making the country disaster-resilient and significantly reducing loss of lives and livelihoods.