August, 2014

Proposed changes in EPS only for new PF members

Only those new members of the Provident Fund whose monthly pay at the time of becoming so will be less than or equal to ` 15,000 can become members of the to-be- modified Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS). In the case of all new PF members earning a salary of over ` 15,000, the contribution of employer and employees will remain in the PF, and no diversion to the EPS shall be made, according to a circular issued by the head office of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) about 10 days ago.

SBI smart card for Metro commuters

The Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL) has given an in-principle approval for the State Bank of India’s proposal for using its credit or debit cards by commuters in Metro Roll  stations. The SBI has approached the CMRL sometime ago with the plan, and is currently working out the technicalities, according to its officials. “We have given the in-principle approval for the proposal. Also, we are holding discussions to work out the revenue arrangement between the two organisations”. The SBI card may be in addition to the smart card developed by the CMRL which could be used by commuters in MTC buses MRTS, suburban rail, besides shopping malls and super markets. The facility would allow customers to use just a single card in various modes of public transport. The card would have logos of the SBI and the CMRL, and the top-up facilities for the card would be available in stations.

Prime Minister first visit in Nepal

Mr. Narendra Modi embarks on a two-day visit to Nepal; it is the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Nepal in 17 years.

Sampath panel had severely indicated school founder

The Justice K. Sampath Commission constituted to inquire into the causes of the fire that killed 94 students at Sri Krishna Primary School at Kumbakonam had indicated school founder Pulavar Palanisamy for the disaster. The commission said in its report: “Palanisamy was the monarch of all that he surveyed, and there was none to dispute his hegemony over the schools that functioned on the same premises.”

‘Amma Maaligai’ emerges as hub

The Ripon Buildings annexe, to the near of the prominent building has been renamed Amma Maaligai. Announcing the name at the Corporation Council meeting on 31st July, Mayor Saidai Duraisamy said Amma-Maaligai will emerge as a key landmark in Chennai. All departments of  Chennai Corporation will shift to Amma Maaligai soon. The offices of the Mayor and Commissioner will continue to be in Ripon Buildings City work on the 1.5 lakh sq. ft. has been completed at a cost of ` 23 crore. The building has parking space for 50 cars and 150 motorcycles. The building has efficient space allocation for 1,000 officials, which aspects of a green building. It has been designed to consume minimal energy”. A 500 seat auditorium, 100 seat conference hall and 70 toilets with facilities for persons with disability are also part of the structure.

Theropod Dinosaurs

Researchers say that the branch of theropod dinosaurs, which gave rise to modern birds, decreased inexorably in size, from 163-kg to birds weighing less than 1 kg. over a period of 50 million years.

TFA leading to the failure of the WTO

India stays firm on farm subsidy and refuses to sign the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), leading to the failure of the WTO talks, as the deadline for signing the agreement expires.