July, 2014

Massive landslide flattens Malin village in Pune

A massive landslide flattens Malin village in Pune, Maharashtra, leaving more than 38 people dead and over 160 missing.

US Secretary of State arrives in New Delhi

The US Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry, arrives in New Delhi for the Indo-US Strategic Dialogue. The three-day visit of Mr. Kerry is expected to boost ties ahead of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s visit to the US in September 2014.

Iron age arts found at Kudumianmalai

Rock arts of Iron Age (Megalithic period), believed to be 4,000 years old have been discovered at Kudumianmalai in Pukukottai. The paintings are found in a rock about 30 feet high behind the Kudumianmalai temple. The paintings in red, black, and yellow are found in about 20 spots throughout the length of the rock on its eastern face. A man with a bow (in red), human figure, and an animal (in black), trees and creepers are a few of the legible paintings in the group. Since the paintings are drawn in the near vertical rocks most of them have been damaged because of vagaries of the weather and vandalism.

Obama wrote on control treaty to Russian president

In a letter to Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin, the US President Mr. Barack Obama accuses Russia of violating a 1987 arms control treaty when it allegedly ground-launched a Cruise missile.

Hamas and ISIS clash

Supporters of Hamas and Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) clash with police and stage protest in Srinagar.

PM 5 day visit in Japan

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi leaves for five-day visit to Japan – his first bilateral trip outside the subcontinent.

T.N. stiffens norms for housing projects

To tighten control over groundwater extraction and transport in most parts of the state, the Tamil Nadu govt. has made it mandatory for ongoing and new housing projects with over six flats to obtain no objection certificates from the PWD’s groundwater wing. However, the new norm is not applicable to Chennai and 302 villages of Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts, which come under the Chennai Metropolitan Area Groundwater (Regulation Act, 1987). Further more, it is not meant for individual houses and having projects of upto six flats. An official clarifies that the rule will not cover houses that have been constructed and occupied.

NASA’s Mars rover

NASA’s Mars rover, Opportunity, which landed on the ‘Red Planet’ in 2004, breaks the ‘out of this world’ distance record, accruing 40 kilometres of driving. It becomes the first vehicle to travel farther than any other man-made vehicle on the surface of another world.

Libya asked Indian to leave of ongoing violant

The Indian mission in Tripoli asks all Indians to leave Libya, in the wake of ongoing violent clashes between armed militia. There are about 4,500 Indians registered with the mission.

India between China resolve the flag meeting

India and China admit to intrusion by Chinese herdsmen into Ladakh a week ago, but both sides resolve the issue amicably through a flag meeting.