October, 2013

Chennai’s radio stations to speak up for child rights

If the radio is emerging as a popular medium in Chennai, then it probably makes sense to board that vehicle to send messages out to the public. That is precisely what UNICEF has done. In order to beverage the power of the radio to create awareness on child rights and to influence public policy related to childre, the international organisation is looking at sensitising staff at private FM radio stations in Chennai.

Kebler 78b

Astronomers find the Earth’s twin, named Kepler 78b, which is 700 light years away and almost the same size and rocky composition except 2000oC hotter.

M.S. Swaminathan gets Indira Gandhi Award

Eminent agriculturalist and Father of Green Revolution in India, Dr. M.S. Swaminathan is honoured with the Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration.

India women basketbal team win FIBA Asia championship

After a gap of 23 years, India defeat Kazakhstan in women basketball in FIBA Asia championship to post their first-ever Level-1 win.

China opens a new highway near AP

China opens a new highway near Arunachal Pradesh. According to the Chinese government, it links Tibet’s ‘last isolated country’, located near the border with Arunachal Pradesh with the rest of the country and will now provide all-weather access to the strategically important region.

NOTA option for voters

As per the direction of the Supreme Court the Election Commission finalises the election symbol for “None of the Above” (NOTA) option for voters to exercise in the forthcoming Assembly polls in five States.

Novelist Rajendra Yadav dies

Note Hindi writer and a prominent novelist Rajendra Yadav dies at the age of 84.

Kannur as the first zero-landless district

Union Minister for Rural Development Mr. Jairam Ramesh declares Kerala’s Kannur as the first zero-landless district in the country.

Major reform move to check the political interference in bureaucracy

In a major reform move to check the political interference in bureaucracy, the Supreme Court of India issues direction to the centre and the States to set up a Civil  Services Board (CSB), which will regulate the postings and other related matters.

Chief Minister firm on protecting natural resources

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa asserted in the Assembly that she was determined to ensure that there was neither any illegal exploitation of precious natural resources nor over exploitation of such minerals beyond the permitted norms of the govt. Explaining her govt’s position on the issue of quarrying of beach minerals, she said “the economic depends on efficient use of natural resources including minerals, water, land, forest and sources of energy.”