November, 2012

India’s GDP growth slipped to 5.3% in the second quarter

Figures released by the Central Government reveal that India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth slipped to 5.3% in the second quarter (July-Sept.) of 2012-13, from 6.7% logged during the same quarter in 2011-12.

Former PM passes away

Former Prime Minister I.K. Gujral passes away at the age of 92.

Zoho Corp. introduces monitoring system for ATMs

More over, security guards. ATMs will soon come equipped with a monitoring system that will save energy, allow for greater operational efficiency and deal with theft effectively “The software can also do preventive maintenance by warming the operator if the battery is low or damaged. It can also save power by shutting off the air-conditioner and lighting systems during non-peak hours remotely”.

Ennore Port to raise 1,000 crore for funding ongoing projects

Ennore Port Ltd. (EPL) will come out with a 10-year tax-free bond to raise about   1000 crore to meet its major ongoing projects. It will be issued in the third week of January 2012. EPL’s chairman S. Velumani said the amount raised would be used to fund the ongoing capital dredging work of    400 crore, rail and road connectivity of   150 crore, setting up third coal berth for TNEB at   150 crore and for acquiring 750 acres from the Salt Department costing   300 crore.

Massive black hole in galaxy NGC 1277

Astronomers working for an international team claim that they have found the most massive black hole ever known. Discovered in a small galaxy about 250 km light years from Earth, it has a mass equivalent to 17 billion Suns. The super massive black hole is located inside the galaxy NGC 1277 in the constellation Perseus.

New Zealand-Sri Lanka levels in test series

New Zealand beat hosts Sri Lanka by 167 runs in the second and final Test in Colombo, levelling the series 1-1.

Ricky Ponting – second highest scorer in tests

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting, the second highest scorer in Tests after Sachin Tendulkar, calls time on his international Test career.

Votes for join Palestine as non-member in BRICS

The United Nations General Assembly votes to make Palestine a non-member observer state. Among the UN members, 138 states, including the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) vote in favour of the motion, while nine countries, including the US and Israel, vote against it. As many as 41 nations abstain from voting.

Lok Sabha approves Prevention of Money Laundering (Amendment) Bill, 2011

The Lok Sabha approves the Prevention of Money Laundering (Amendment) Bill, 2011. The Bill expands the definition of offences related to money laundering, seeking to include activities such as cheating, concealment, acquisition and use of proceeds of crime as criminal activities.

Towards a green 50th year

In another step towards turning green, the Ambattur industrial estate has come forward to treat effluent discharged by a section of its units. The industrial estate, which boosts of being a forerunner among industrial estates in implementing given initiatives, already has two sewage – treatment plants. The facilities, with a combined capacity to a treat five million litres a day, are functioning in the estate’s south and north phases.