July, 2012

300 sit in at Marina

Around 300 supporters of Anna Hazare’s campaign assembled behind the Gandhi statue at the Marina Beach in solidability, showing support to Anna’s protest against corruption. Since they had not received permission to sit near the Gandhi statue, they had chosen to sit on the beach behind the statue. “We were denied permission since it is disrespectful to hold the Indian flag under the statue. Three of our volunteers are asking the commissioner for permission to sit near the statue from tomorrow” said A. Sam Ponraj, a volunteer present at the Campaign.

Fundamental Physics Prize 2012

Indian physicist Ashoke Sen is awarded the inaugural Fundamental Physics Prize (FPP) in recognition of his pioneering work on string theory – a model that, if proven, could help reconcile the most fundamental forces of nature. The FPP was launched in 2012 by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and consists an annual prize of $27 million awarded to nine physicists.  Apart from Sen, seven of the physicists this year are American, while one in French.

Pact on cargo transit – US & Pak.

A formal pact for the transit of cargo to and from Afghanistan through Pakistan  is signed between the US and Pakistan.

An overburdened power transmission structure

An overburdened power trans-mission structure spread across the country’s northeast and northeast regions collapses, plunging half the country into darkness. By the number of people affected (about 600 million), it is the biggest-ever blackout in the world.

Gagan Narang wins the first medal for India

Ace shooter Gagan Narang wins the first medal for India (a Bronze) in 10m air rifle shooting event at the London Olympics 2012.

Romanian President escapes from office falls short

Romanian President Mr. Traian Basescu escapes impeachment as a referendum on his removal from office falls short of the required 50 percent turnout threshold.

Northern power grid crashes

The northern power grid crashes in one of the worst outages in more than a decade, affecting as many as eight States.

State’s contribution for silk park released

As part of the efforts to give a boost to the silk weaving industry, the state govt. has released a subsidy of  7.54 crore for the establishment of a handloom silk park in Kancheepuram district at a cost of   83.83 crore. The Union and State Govts. would extend 40 per cent and 9 per cent of the project cost respectively as subsidy. To come up on 75 acres at Keezhkathirpur, the Perarignar Anna Handloom Silk Park will be given a subsidy of 7.54 crore. With the cost of land being nearly  13.77 crore, the remaining   6.23 crore would be given to the park as an unsecuecred loan repayable in five years.

A place where many aspirations take shape

For almost two years now, a group comprising professionals, students and home makers has been frequenting the Anna Centenary Library. Many of them come at 8 a.m. and study till 9 p.m. in single – minded pursuit of a dream-cracking the civil services exam. When the results for the preliminary exam were announced, many of them who made it through had the same thing to say “thanks to the library. We could not have done it otherwise”.

Single person car – USA

Designers from San Diego, USA, unveil a car shaped like an egg, which will help people get around in over-crowded cities. The Eggasus is an electric-powered, fully-enclosed single-person car that can travel up to 40 kmph. When charged, it produces no CO2 emissions.